I grew up in a Christian home. My dad was a pastor so I was exposed to church life at birth. I was taught from an early age that I was a sinner. I knew all the Bible stories and what a person was supposed to do to become a follower of Jesus Christ, a Christian.

A revival and vacation Bible school held in our church during the time I was eight or nine years old had a great impact on me. I became convicted, and drawn by God that I needed to take action to have a personal relationship with God even though I already prayed to God and was regularly in church.

One night I told my Mom I knew I was a sinner and needed to know Jesus Christ in a personal way. I knew that I wanted my own personal relationship not just to go “forward” or down the aisle to the front like I heard and seen some of the other kids do. My mom got my dad and we went downstairs there in our home. My dad read passages of scripture to me that were very familiar but just now had real meaning for me and touched my heart. I really wanted Jesus to come into my heart and to save me from the penalty of my sins. I wanted it to be the real thing! I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sin and to come to live in my heart.

My dad asked me where was Jesus now after I invited Him in … and I laughed and cried as I said … in my heart. I knew He had come into my heart that night. I followed the example of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist. I was baptized by my dad.

Sometimes, since then, I have left Jesus out of my life and have done things I am not proud of; but Jesus never left me. He has always forgiven me and renewed our relationship. He has shown me that He is “The God of A Second Chance” more than twice. Today He is my closest friend who I love very much. I start my day talking to Him and try to go to sleep every night talking with, and thinking about Him. 

I do not want to live a day without talking with Him and seeking a deeper relationship with Him. His Holy Spirit within me makes every day worth living. I look forward to living all of eternity with Jesus and those who have chosen to accept His invitation to Life Eternal.

I want to teach others about this wonderful Savior and how to understand His Love Letter to us, the Bible. If you read this and forget me you have lost nothing, but if you encounter Him and forget Him you have lost everything.