John Fleming, MBA, has been involved in the design and implementation of Lean enterprise solutions for the past 22 years. His experience branches from traditional industry into managerial Lean implementation, giving him an extraordinary depth of personal experience within the field.

John’s many years of experience as a decision-maker for two Fortune 500 companies, General Motors and United Technologies Corporation, brings a high level of skills, credibility, and experience that should benefit all Springfield area businesses. He is an Industrial Engineer and served as an Operations Manager with Carrier Corporation.

John has been the Continuous Improvement and Training Manager for two large corporations with the emphasis on increased productivity. His strong interest in the area of team-based organizations came about through his experience in working for two different organizations that clearly understood the importance of a healthy and happy workplace.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are committed to being future-focused
  • We Identify and Eliminate “Behavioral Waste
  • We Apply Lean Principles to all business processes
  • We Build Trust through open and frequent communications
  • We Encourage (and be open to) Change
  • We First confirm the “as-is state” to effectively measure progress
  • We take bold and unmistakable action
  • We Create the “burning platform” for change
  • We Envision the linkage of all Value Chain processes
  • We Think in Minutes and Seconds – not hours or days
  • Today’s success is never good enough
  • We Establish “Stretch” goals
  • We always Ask (and answer) this question: Is the customer willing to pay for this activity or process?
  • We are leaders and catalysts for change
  • We apply the highest ethical standards to ourselves
  • Leading change is not business as usual

Enterprise Productivity Consulting LLC
Speed • Stretch Without Boundaries
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