Lean Enterprise means maximizing the value of every penny you put into your business. From personnel to your payroll system, there are myriad opportunities to turn problems into a payday - let us show you how.

Full value from every penny.
Are you ready to see your return on investment become a source of pride across the board?
Then you are ready for Lean Enterprise.
You are ready for Enterpise Productivity Consulting.

The Guiding Principles of Enterprise Productivity Consulting

  • We are committed to being future-focused
  • We Identify and Eliminate “Behavioral Waste
  • We Apply Lean Principles to all business processes
  • We Build Trust through open and frequent communications
  • We Encourage (and be open to) Change
  • We First confirm the “as-is state” to effectively measure progress<
  • We take bold and unmistakable action
  • We Create the “burning platform” for change
  • We Envision the linkage of all Value Chain processes
  • We Think in Minutes and Seconds – not hours or days
  • Today’s success is never good enough
  • We Establish “Stretch” goals
  • We always Ask (and answer) this question: Is the customer willing to pay for this activity or process?
  • We are leaders and catalysts for change
  • We apply the highest ethical standards to ourselves
  • Leading change is not business as usual

Enterprise Productivity Consulting LLC
Speed • Stretch Without Boundaries
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