When implemented across your enterprise, Lean can make all the difference. Want examples of real results from our process?

  • 80% increase in delivery speed.
  • 50% reductions in customer response time.
  • More teamwork across the board. And better employee problem solving to match.
Still skeptical? Then don’t listen to us.
Listen to people and businesses that John has helped to implement and succeed with Lean Enterprise.

“Through your tangible efforts, we were able to retain long-standing customers, Win new business, and achieve our demanding internal performance expectations.”

Kevin Kearns
Cheshire Engine Center
Pratt & Wnitney

“This particular vendor was one of the least effective vendors... This vendor has made a major change and is now our best vendor and our relationship is next to none. The effort from your direction and bringing the two companies together on common ground continues to show the effort was well worth all our energies.”

Daniel P. McNulty
UPSMajor Maintenance
Powerplant Manager

"I believe that our selection as the best plant in all of UTC is an achievement resulting from your strong support of over three years of training and workshops. We appreciated your dedication to the task and will work on sustaining our progress."

J.H. Lee
Director of Quality
Kwangju, South Korea

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