We serve as a strategic partner with organizations to build workforce and leadership capabilities.
Enterprise Productivity provides quality professional education and consulting services to individuals and corporate clients, in order to enhance business performance and foster workforce development.

  • Excellent, speaker, presenter, and trainer with a broad business background
  • Well-developed curriculum to meet today's competitive business needs
  • Quality training materials that serve as a reference guide after the session is completed
  • Affordable, appropriate price and group discounts for three or more
  • Established reputation for excellence for over 22 years

Client Testimonials / Feedback

"John has so much experience and knowledge that he should have his own school."
Cindy Cooper
E. & J. Gallo Winery
G3 Enterprises

"You are a true believer and avid advocate of KAIZEN and I know you have contributed greatly towards the enhancement of many operations within United Technologies Corporation."
Yoshihisa Doi
Kaizen Management Consulting., Ltd.

"I believe that as a result of your pioneering efforts, we have made sustainable progress in world class manufacturing in Asia Pacific Operations."
John Ayers – President
Asia Pacific Operations
Carrier Corporation

"I would like to thank you for your efforts and guidance in implementing Kaizen at Sikorsky Aircraft. I believe Sikorsky’s Engineering’s success in implementing Kaizen is in large part due to the time spent training our engineers."
Ken Rosen
Vice President Engineering
Sikorsky Aircraft

"I believe the high awards we achieved were as a result of your guidance and strong support over the last four years." * (1996 – 1999)
J H Lee
Director of Quality
Kwangju, South Korea

* Note: In 1999, this Carrier Corporation plant was selected as the best factory within United Technologies Corporation

"As Director of Franchise Operations for Snap-on Tools Company, I had the pleasure of working with Mr. John Fleming as a facilitator. The purpose of this letter is to recommend Mr. Fleming as a business advisor and facilitator based on the success of the event.
Our event required the collaboration of ten individuals from across the organization. Mr. Fleming provided guidance, including some insightful pre-work reading assignments which helped all participants open their minds to the interests of the others.
The definition of success for our event was a re-engineered process, which all parties could understand, and which would provide revolutionary improvement. Mr. Fleming helped each participant play their role, and helped guide the process in a professional manner. The result was a dramatic breakthrough in our thinking, and a successful event."
M. Raymond Moore – Director
Franchise Operations
Snap-On Tools

"I believe the ball is rolling on the administrative side of the business and we will have to make difficult decisions to ensure that we properly prioritize and execute on the "vital few" actions we need to take as an organization. Thanks again for helping make the week successful!"
Al Jorajuria - Vice President
Snap-On Diagnostics
Customer Retention and Software Renewal

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